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(For our major service categories*)

Corporate Web Design

Fashion Web Design

Most corporate websites fall within the following pricing categories.   To the extent that custom or special features or plug-ins are incorporated, the actual pricing in any given case may differ from the schedule below, which generally applies to 95% of the jobs we perform: 

Up to five (5) pages:

Starting at $999.00* 

Up to ten (8) pages:

Starting at $1399.00* 

Up to twelve (15) pages:

Starting at $1999.00* 

Up to twenty (20) pages:

Starting at $2499.00* 

Above twenty (25) pages:

Starting at $2999.00* 

* Additional pages shall be provided at the same per page rate.

Promotional Video Production

Video Production

Standard Campaigns

The pricing for promotional videos depends upon several factors, most notably the length or duration, number of production days for shooting original, live action footage, the use and availability of stock footage, post-production costs, costs of special effects, animated logo, etc.  Generally a standard video (approximately two minutes) with one day local shoot starts at $6999, which includes the entire process from script to screen.   A standard video using stock footage and voice, only, is set forth below (baseline estimates, actual rate may vary):

Less than sixty (60) seconds:

Starting at $3999.00* 

Less than ninety (90) seconds:

Starting at $4999.00 *

* Stock footage, only.  Voiceover provided by client

Custom Campaigns

Custom advertising campaigns are priced based upon all  of the above factors, in addition to other factors including the overall value and length of the campaign, the "projected" or actual ad spend, the size of the market, level and nature of competition. desired market penetration, the actual increase in market share directly attributable to the ad campaign(s), among other generally accepted factors.  Custom campaigns are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mobile Phone

The pricing for search engine optimization services videos depends upon several factors, most notably the industry in question, and how competitive that industry is, in general terms.   In most case, we are able to offer the following  SEO service packages based upon the number of keywords/phrases to be promoted (all keywords/phrases to be advanced to the first page on Google within six months*):   

Up to ten (10) keywords/phrases:

Starting at $799.00 

Up to ten (20) keywords/phrases:

Starting at $1399.00 

Up to thirty (30) keywords/phrases:

Starting at $1999.00 

Up to forty (40) keywords/phrases:

Starting at $2499.00 

* Pricing is based on on-exclusive engagement; exclusive engagement is available at additional expense.

Social Media/Content Marketing

Hands on Computer Keyboard

The social media marketing is based a flat rate (per social media network), which is currently $300 per month per network (with a $150 initial setup fee), which includes 10 posts per month per network, 2 video posts per month and caption creation.

* If you have questions about the pricing for a service that is not listed above, please contact us.