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Updated: Jun 6

I was recently asked to identify the seven most important factors leading to success. Let’s face it; success in not guaranteed for any business. In order to be successful in marketing a business in this new digital age, I believe you (or your company) have to be GOOD or GREAT with respect to TWO or MORE of the following factors:

  • Company Website- is the foundation of your company’s web presence. Additionally, your website can be designed to actually execute sales transactions. It should be noted, however, that the objective should not be to convert every site visitor into a sale on each visit. The key is to create a so-called “sales funnel” where visitors are encouraged to subscribe to the site offering their contact information (i.e. name, email address and telephone number, etc.) in exchange for some small product or service "of value" to the site visitor. The purpose of this exchange is to facilitate future meaningful engagements with those site visitors. Once the company safely installs its new site visitors in the “sales funnel”, the objective is to “upsell” these visitors to higher priced items or services.

  • Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") - is the use of search engine optimization to promote the site so that it can be located online by prospects searching for your company’s services or products. Here it is important to identify those key terms and phrases that will enable prospective consumers to locate your business online in the midst of millions of websites worldwide. Algorithms are used to determine the relevance of sites based on the use of those chosen key terms and phases in the content of the site. Search engine algorithms change from time to time, which adds to the complexity of this particular marketing tool.

  • Social Media- social media marketing for small for small companies (particularly restaurants) is imperative. Here, the key is to promote strong and enduring relationships with new, existing and prospective customers. Also, it is important to identify those social media networks where a company’s existing and prospective consumers may be located. In other words, one should look to LinkedIn for B2B marketing, and Facebook or Instagram for B2C marketing. Moreover, it is important to regularly post engaging content on a regular or daily basis, and to maximize the collective impact of owned, earned and paid content within each social media network.

  • Influencer Marketing- is the use of so-called “social influencers” (paid or unpaid) to promote the products and services of a company to their specific audiences. Social influencers are a relatively new group of business professionals who leverage their social media followings to promote products and services directly to their audiences.

  • Promotional Video/Content- is intended to deliver the company’s brand message to new, existing and prospective customers. It is similar to a television commercial except the content is delivered digitally (either via email, social media, or otherwise). Although it is possible to use a smartphone to create good video content, it may be advisable to hire a video production company to get the best results.

  • Blogging- is intended to attract new prospects to the website through the use of thought-provoking articles that are designed to demonstrate thought leadership within a particular industry.

  • Press Releases- are intended to inform the public in general about a company using newswire services. Specifically, press releases enable a company to get its content before relevant influencers within a particular industry.

Obviously, the more of these factors that your company is able to perform in a manner that can be characterized as GOOD or GREAT, the more successful your company will be. With that said, which of these is your COMPANY GOOD or GREAT at? Even in the best of circumstances, every small company manager cannot possibly do all of these things GOOD to GREAT. Are there any items above that you wish you did better? Which ones? Identify them and get better. If you need help, seek it out. Digital marketing will only get more complicated as we move further into this new digital age.

If you have any questions about this or any article I have written, please feel free to email me at ecopywritersplus@gmail.com. At E-Copywriters Plus, we are a digital marketing consulting firm specializing in web design, video production and SEO, among other things. Contact us with any questions or comments with regard to this article.

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