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In Today’s Digital World, If You Don’t Have An Effective Company Website, You’re Losing Money---Stop

In today's digital world, a dedicated business website is a must!

In today’s digital world, it is absolutely imperative that a company have an effective web presence (consisting of a website and social media platform). Recent studies show that nearly half of all small businesses still do not have a website. In a survey of 350 small businesses (defined as companies with less than 10 employees and $1 million in annual revenue), published by Entrepreneur magazine in February 2016, the top reasons for not creating a company website were cited (see below):

Chart outlining the main reasons why business owners do not have websites

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1. Websites Are Not Relevant To My Industry

The top reason given for not creating a website is the notion that it is “not relevant to the business or industry”. This is ludicrous. Over 80% of Americans report that they do online research before making any purchase. This trend will only increase over time. This means that all companies must (at the very least) have a website that explains who you are, what you do. Moreover, since 1 out of 2 companies maintain a website, if your company does not, many potential customers may conclude that your company is not qualified, and/or it's too small as compared to companies that do maintain an effective web presence.

2. Excessive Cost

The second most popular reason was cost (at 30% of respondents). Currently, the market for multi-media sites (i.e. sites integrating ad-agency quality features) starts at around $2,000 so there is no reason to allow price to be an impediment to having an effective company website.

3. Miscellaneous Reasons

The remaining reasons cited were (i) use of social media profiles in lieu of dedicated website, (ii) need for ongoing maintenance, and (iii) lack of technical knowledge. These reasons are not good reasons for failing to create an effective web presence. Social media is just that---- social media. As such, it tends to be disjointed (rendering it ineffective) unless the owned, earned and paid channels are fully coordinated under a “unifying website”. To coordinate social media channels without a website is almost impossible. Further, as set forth above, the failure to maintain an effective website may give potential customers the impression that your company is not an “industry leader”, or even worse, that it's operated out of a garage. This will naturally discourage them from doing business with your company; and there is no way to defintively quantify this affect.

The last two reasons cited above (need for ongoing maintenance and lack of technical knowledge) can be resolved by contracting with the right firm (i.e. one that undertakes to create or produce all of the web content, which is the present trend for most companies including this company).

With this in mind, the failure to establish an effective company web presence is tantamount to “gift wrapping” new customers for your competitors who are presently on the web. Moreover, the gap between those businesses with an effective web presence, and those without will only grow as we proceed further into the so-called “digital age”. So, isn’t it about time that your company come into the 21st Century?

If you are inclined to create a company site, at least in part, based upon information you learned here, there are additional factors to take into account. For example, is it "ad-agency quality", are the designers responsible for producing all web content, is SEO included, etc. See table below for additional factors:

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