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7 Simple, “Fairly Inexpensive” Measures Your Company Can Take to Make Its Web Presence More Effectiv

Five or ten years ago, a company need only to have a functioning website to attract business over the internet. That time has long passed! Today, a company must do several things simultaneous to get the most out of its web presence; and by web presence, we mean the company website and all company-owned social media.

Moreover, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines, have recently revised their their algorithms to consider the length of time a site visitor remains on a site (i.e. "bounce rate"), and to give great weight to this factor as a way of determining the site’s relevance as it pertains to the search words in question. Therefore, if your site garners traffic from a search engine, and the visitors navigate away from the site after visiting the first page (i.e. they are not engaged by the site’s content as it relates to the search terms in question), then the site will be penalized, and SERP (i.e. search engine ranking position) will be adversely affected. This phenomenon is defined as "bounce rate". Experts say that you generally want your bounce rate to be below forty percent (40%).

With this in mind, here are 7 simple, "fairly inexpensive" measures your company can take to make its overall web presence more effective in attracting business.

  1. Make sure that your website is “impactful” (i.e. delivers your Company message in an effective way within 7 seconds or less as per the "7-second rule"). Also, it is important that your site have "engaging content" to ensure that web visitors remain on site for at least 50 seconds. This will minimize your site's "bounce rate", which will improve your site's SERP;

  2. Make sure that your Company website is integrated with the specific social media channels where your target customers/clients are most active;

  3. Make sure your Company’s social media campaigns are not “disjointed” (i.e. the owned, earned and paid social media relating to company are “optimized”);

  4. Integrate branded, original video content into Company’s website and social media newsfeeds;

  5. Engage in “deep listening” with respect to “earned” social media to determine what people are saying about your Company and incorporate data from those interactions effectively into future owned- and sponsored (or paid) -content;

  6. Create a “digital sales funnel” to meaningfully engage with the Company’s web visitors (i.e. individuals who visit the Company site or consume the Company’s social media content). In other words, there should be a mechanism through which you can engage meaningfully with web visitors who are not ready to "do business" on the first visit; and

  7. Create, produce and disseminate meaningful content about the Company, brand, products, services, etc. on company blogs, and throughout various social media networks on a regular basis (i.e. become a “thought leader” in the industry).

These 7 measures are “fairly inexpensive”, and represent more of a “new mindset” rather than a shift toward newer, “more expensive technology”.


Some of the elements (see below) that can impact your site and the effectiveness of your commercial web presence would include (i) whether your company site is DIY or ad-agency quality (i.e. site has a modern professional look), (ii) whether it is effectively integrated with the company’s social media channels, (iii) whether the Company website effectively integrates video, audio, voice, and (iv) whether SEO is included as part of the Basic Service; among other things.

* Includes basic SEO setup, including designating keywords, page indexing, etc.

** Includes video, music, sound, etc.

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