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If You’re Seeking To Drive More Traffic To Your Company Website, Instead of S-E-O, You Should Consi

Recent trends show that content is more likely to attract internet traffic over other things like keywords, back links, and other “tricks” of so-called SEO experts; and by content, we mean “interesting” copy, graphics, video, music, (or some combination of all of these). “Native videos” (i.e. videos uploaded directly onto social media sites) are the most popular posts, particularly when incorporated into newsfeeds. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg, on a recent conference call, stated that video is “a megatrend on the same order as mobile”.

Video is preferable over SEO for several reasons. First, video is permanent. Whereas SEO is temporary in nature, a good video can create traffic indefinitely. In addition, videos can be an important tool in building a company’s brand, inexpensively and efficiently.

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Moreover, you can often use video from a smartphone, with proper training. Now, our preference is that you hire a professional to produce your corporate videos. However, if you do not have budget for a professional crew (and you have exhausted all reasonable options, including calling this firm for a quote), then we have created a list of six tips for producing better corporate videos on your smartphone. Be sure to do the following.

It is important to be:

  • Professional – to the greatest extent possible, try to make the video “look” as if it were produced by a professional film maker so (i) make sure the camera does not shake excessively, (ii) make sure there’s a beginning, middle and end; in other words, try to “tell a story”, (iii) deliver your message effectively, etc.;

  • Spontaneous or Live -- live footage is the most popular as compared to pre-produced video content. While live streams are effective, they obviously come with risks (including the risk that someone will do something that reflects poorly on the brand during the live stream);

  • Brief – the video should be no more than 3 minutes in duration, preferably less than 2 minutes. When it comes to digital media, the length of the video has little to do with the effectiveness or power of the message;

  • Edited—the video should be edited in a fairly coherent manner. The scenes should flow logically from one to the other.

  • Emphasize Branding -- animate your logo into the opening and closing sequences; and

  • Integrate Music-- to the greatest extent possible.

If you follow these six steps, you should be fine. For more information about the use of video to drive more traffic to your commercial website, please contact us at (805) 796-5655.

Mr. Wright is a graduate of University of Southern California, Economics, and Harvard Law School. He is currently the President and CEO of E-Copywriters Plus.

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