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Interactive Digital Marketing (aka Data-Driven Sales): the Future of Inside Sales.

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What if you could pitch your product or service to a perfect stranger at the precise time he or she is thinking about purchasing it? Now, imagine how it would be if you could do that thousands of times a day over the internet. Would that not be the ideal scenario for today’s marketing or sales exec? This is a question I ask many of my clients and prospects. Invariably, they respond by saying “that would be wonderful, but there is no way to do this, without reading minds, or following people around all day whereever they go."

Conventional wisdom suggests that conversion rates are at their highest, if the sales pitch or engagement is made at or close to the time the prospect is thinking about the product or service in real time. It was, therefore, with this principle in mind that we, at E-Copywriters Plus, have undertaken to develop interactive digital marketing (or the data-driven sales protocol).

As someone with far too many gray hairs on my head, I remember the door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. This poor guy (at the time most of them were men) had to literally knock on hundreds of doors, randomly, in order to find that "one person" who was even remotely interested in his product. This would invariably be someone with a dirty floor whom he just happened to "luck up" upon at precisely the right time---- a "stroke of luck" in almost every case. In order to be sure he would be permitted to complete his pitch, he might have to stick his foot in the door to prevent it from being shut in his face. Or consider the telemarketer who has to make five hundred calls just to find one sale. Well, we have a come a long way since those days.

We, at E-Copywriters Plus, are pleased to introduce a new sales protocol that we refer to as Interactive Digital Marketing. In short, interactive digital marketing (or IDM) enables our clients to mount national sales, marketing and promotional campaigns geared to engage with prospect customers at the precise time (in real time) that they are thinking about the particular product in question. Interactive digital marketing (or IDM) enables us to market products and services across the U.S. (or any portion thereof) that are:

  • targeted to a particular group(s), based on demographics, age, gender, occupation or other unique characteristics;

  • delivered to the target consumer wherever they are at the precise time (in real time) the prospective customer is thinking about the product or service;

  • effective in promoting a strong, direct relationship with the customer;

  • results-driven and verifiable; and

  • relatively low cost as compared to traditional television, print or even SEO (i.e. search engine optimization).


This new form of digital marketing which is largely information-based or data-driven is more effective than SEO for many reasons, the most signficant of which relates to efficacy and waste.

SEO (or search engine optimization) campaigns are primarily concerned with merely driving traffic to the site. Assuming that the desired additional target actually arrives at the subject site, there is no mechanism with most SEO campaigns to effectively convert that traffic into sales, or at the very least, effective sales engagements. In fact, a recent study conducted by Entreprenuer Magazine demonstrates that 95% or more of first time web visitors are not ready to do business, and are generally looking for information, only. These "SEO web traffickers" usually arrive at the site, and then bounce off to another withing seconds. Without a mechanism for engaging with SEO web traffickers, a large percentage of SEO costs (upwards of 95%) are wasted on people who have no intention of doing business with the company owning the site. This phenomenon may account for why many entreprenuers who use SEO as their primary marketing do not always see increased sales associated with their SEO campaigns.

In contrast, IDM campaigns have nothing to do with web traffic. IDM campaigns are primarily concerned with establishing effective sales engagements at the time the target is thinking about the product or service. Accordingly, there is no waste associated with IDM campaigns. Most of the costs associated with IDM relate to data (or information) collection with respect to target consumers, which data may be used several times over the projected life of the asset, which is about 2 years (on average).

In light of the proprietary nature of our new sales protocol, it is impossible to disclose too many details in this forum. In short, IDM is a coordinated and strategic deployment of a series of measures, within a "controlled digital environment", which produce effective sales engagements with the target consumers at the time they are thinking about the products (in real time), culminating in the sale of that product or service. Suffice it to say that we have achieved amazing results for our clients who are seeking to promote and even sell products and services efficiently and inexpensively over the Internet.

It should be noted that IDM does not work for all products and services. Our experience demonstrates that it generally works best with high-quality, specialty items or services.

For more information about interactive digital marketing, and its commercial applications, please contact us at ecopywritersplus@gmail.com or call us at (805) 796-5655.

Mr. Wright is a graduate of University of Southern California, Economics, and Harvard Law School. He is currently the President and CEO of E-Copywriters Plus.

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