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Wedding Websites: An Innovative Way For Couples To Marry

A dedicated wedding website (or DWW) is a new, innovative way for couples to marry. Of course, no one is advocating that they get married via websites. But what we are saying is that wedding websites are a great way for couples to convey to their family, friends, guests and the public at large anything that they wish to express. Whereas, in the past couples were essentially limited to a wedding invitation to communicate with their guests, now wedding couples may use dedicated wedding websites to express (i) their story, (ii) details regarding the wedding such as (a) hotels where guests travelling from out of town may stay, (b) stores where the couple is registered, (c) tuxedo rentals, and (d) information concerning wedding-related events (i.e. the wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, receptions, after party, etc.) and (iv) any other information they wish to communicate to guests and the public at large. Also, it may be used as a digital photo gallery where they can show the world the great depths of their love for another.

A dedicated wedding website may present this information to the public in a customized manner better than any other format. While social media may be used to announce the wedding, it is limited in the extent to which it may be customized to the specific tastes of the couple. The dedicated wedding website can be designed precisely the way the couple wishes, including color schemes, video feeds, copy, etc. Additionally, there are no word count limits. Finally, the information does not get pushed aside (as it would in the case of social media) as other posts come online. A dedicated wedding website, on the other hand, may be maintained online for a month, a year or it may be maintained as a permanent site.

Finally, with digital marketing programs such as Adsense, there are methods to monetize the wedding website so that it may provide a source of revenue over time to potentially offset the cost of the wedding.

Ecopywriters Plus is a pioneer in the design and development of DWW’s. The price for designing a custom wedding website may range from $500 to several thousand dollars depending on the size and complexity of the proposed site. For more information about wedding websites, please visit our website at www.e-copywritersplus.com/wedding websites.

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