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Law firms are governed by rules of professional responsibility.   Accordingly, most states impose strict guidelines on the ability of law firms to solicit new clients, which means that great care must be exercised when marketing the services of attorneys.   At ECP, we are familiar with all of the applicable rules and regulations so you can be certain that all of our services will be performed in strict compliance with the highest ethical standards.   

Most digital marketing firms treat all clients the same.  We understand that there is a vast difference between working with a law firm client and a general business client, and we take these differences into account in our provision of services. There are essentially five key elements to an effective digital marketing program for a law firm.  These are as follows:


Website- this is the anchor of the digital marketing program.  Here, we want to accurately and clearly describe the specific services and areas of expertise.  Most lawyers stop here.   The website is only half the battle.   The second half of the “battle” relates to the process of (i) driving relevant traffic (i.e. potential clients) to the website; and (ii) initiating engagement(s) with potential clients via the website that leads to the retention the law firm.    The four items (described below) are some of the most cost-effective digital marketing technologies, and should all be integral parts of every law firm’s digital marketing program. 

Social Media/Content Marketing- is a target based form of digital marketing, which means that the law firm can target its message to a specific group   Essentially, this is the effective use of social media networks (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) to establish the so-called “brand awareness” of the law firm, and its thought leadership with respect to those practice areas in which the firm has a focus.   Social media marketing is a vital part of the program because it provides a cost-effective way to deliver the firm’s message to a very targeted audience.  

SEO (search engine optimization) – is an important aspect of a law firm digital marketing program, particularly if the firm’s practice is consumer-oriented (i.e. personal injury, bankruptcy, workers compensation, family law, etc.).  SEO is a searched based form of digital marketing, which means that the law firm relies on the potential client to “search and find” the website based upon the Search Engine Ranking Position (or "SERP") of the law firm.   At ECP, we generally are able to promote at least fifty percent (50%) of the keywords/phrases of our law firm clients to the first page of Google within six (6) to nine (9) months of commencing our work.   

YouTube- a YouTube channel is an invaluable tool for educating the public about basic legal principles, in addition to aspects of the law firm’s practice. Moreover, it may also provide a up-close view of the firm and its attorneys. 

Press Releases- are an important way to inform the public through the media about major developments that may impact your firm (i.e. landmark judgments  and settlements, notable additions to firm membership, etc.).   This will drive online as well as offline traffic to the firm.

OTT Advertising- is an exciting new hybrid form of advertising that combines digital marketing with traditional television advertising. It is ideal for law firms with consumer based practices (i.e. personal injury, workers compensation, divorce law, etc.) Also known as streaming TV, OTT ads are delivered to viewers via OTT (“over the top”), or streaming TV technology. OTT ads offer the opportunity for law firm advertisers to reach new audiences at scale in a highly targeted manner as more viewers adopt streaming TV video content over traditional cable and broadcast TV. OTT ads have an advantage over traditional television ads and social media ads as viewers may be “retargeted” as they transition from television to digital media and vice versa. 


Lawyer in Lobby
Smiling Lawyer in Lobby

Since the legal profession is very competitive, our basic strategy is to use our expertise and industry positioning to give our clients a “competitive advantage” (relative to other law firms) with respect to digital marketing in the markets in which they operate.   We accomplish this using a number of different techniques, including the practice of off-shoring various “low level” digital marketing functions. This will give our clients a decisive competitive advantage that our clients will enjoy over competitive law firms for as long as they work with this firm.   

If you hire our firm, we will promote your law firm to a position of industry leadership.  Please contact us to set up a free consultation.   

Our Specialization

We specialize in providing the following services specifically for our law firm clientele:


  • Website Design


  • Promotional Video Production

  • Press Releases

  • Email Marketing

  • Graphic Arts/Design

  • Animation

  • YouTube Channels

  • TV Commercials (Local, Regional, National)

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