More and more individuals are creating personal websites for social purposes, or as part of an effort to more effectively display and market their experience, skills, talent and expertise in a job market.  Just as businesses maintain websites to properly market their products and services to potential consumers, individuals are starting to supplement their social media pages with personal websites as the ultimate web expression of one's self.

E-Copywriters Plus is one of America's most innovative web design firms.   We are cognizant of this trend.  As such, we  employ and coordinate the following to create the perfect digital representations of our individual clients:

  • Copywriting services (including original web content);

  • Website Design Services (i.e. ad-agency quality personal websites, online resumes, CV's, etc.);

  • Graphic Arts/Design Services;

  • Professional Photography- We will provide professional photographers as a premium service;

  • Digital Video Production-We take a film maker's approach to video production (as a premium service);  and yes, there is a big difference between videography and digital video production;

  • Musical Scoring - We will integrate fully-licensed music into the site (as a premium service);

  • Ancillary Services (i.e. make-up, lighting, production design work, etc.) as a premium service; and

  • Social Media Integration (standard service);

Please call us for a free consultation at (805) 796-5655.

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