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Ask "the Harvard Guy"...

This is a special service of E-Copywriters Plus.  It is intended to assist individuals, start-ups, small businesses, executives, etc.   Specifically, we are seeking to assist anyone who has an upcoming writing project, and they want to make sure that it has all the polish and thoughtfulness possible.  Then, just “give it to the Harvard Guy”.  He’s a wordsmith.  I will help you strike that proper tone in your writing assignment to inspire your readers to take your desired action.  Remember, if you have a tough creative writing assignment, don’t bother with it yourself… give it to the Harvard Guy!

  • Correspondences

  • Reports

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Press Releases

  • Brochures

  • Essays

  • Blogs

  • Ghost writing

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Wyn John Wright, J.D.

Harvard Law School, '86